Wednesday, 3 April 2013

Dugandan Pub at Boonah

We decided to go to the Dugandan Pub at Boonah on Easter Monday.  There had been a supplement in the QT and this place was advertised as having wheelchair access.  I booked for 6 (although 2 of our friends could not make it), but after asking about wheelchair toilets, found that they didn't have them.  My husband has found a website that is all about public toilets, Australia wide, and found some at the Information Centre at Boonah.  So we drove down there, and used those loos on the way to the Pub (they were clean and workable).  The Pub is a lovely old Pub, although they clearly did not expect the amount of custom that they got that day.  The meals were slow (and 2 of our meals were taken by someone else - so Judy and I had to wait for a looooooong time for their replacements - while the thief quite happily enjoyed our reef and beef, which were they last available for the day).  Apart from that problem (not a problem of pub staff), it was a lovely day for a drive in the country and a pleasant meal at a Pub with a lot of history.  We accessed the Public loos on the way home and, although it can be a pain to stop more than once, sometimes you just have to do what you have to do!!

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