Sunday, 9 June 2013

Suncorp Stadium and the wheelchair

Just finished another season going to Reds games at Suncorp.  The stadium has wheelchair access down to a fine art.  You need to ring the Stadium and advise when you will be there. As we were there with Season passes, we only had to ring once and they noted us down for all the games.  They take your name, registration number and disabled sticker number.  Turn down the street beside the stadium and you drive to the first checkpoint.  They then direct you to the next checkpoint, where you are allotted a parking space.  These spaces are close to the lifts and access to the stadium.  Wheelchair seating is well set up, we sat behind the goal posts at the Milton Road end.  Disabled toilets are just behind this so they are easy to access.  All in all, a great experience. 

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