Wednesday, 11 December 2013

'Reef Magic Cruises' in Cairns

We recently went to Cairns where I wanted to do a Reef Cruise.  I though it would be easy to organize, however our Travel Agent could only find one in Port Douglas.  This sounded great, except the free bus service was not available to us as they were not wheelchair accessible.  The only other option was a taxi which was priced at $100 each way.  I put the kibosh on that and my Travel Agent (Di from Flightcentre Booval) kept searching.  Eventually she found 'Reef Magic' which left from the harbour in Cairns.  Sully needed assistance on the steep ramp and also assistance onto the seat which was attached to the stairs to take us to the lower floor of the boat.  We needed to be there as the accessible toilet was on that floor.  However nothing was too hard for the staff and we set off out to the Reef.  Once we got there, my husband was helped onto the Ramp to watch all the activities of the day.  I wanted him to go snorkelling (and was told that staff would assist him with that), however I am sure he still has nightmares about the time I got him into the Thermal Pools in Iceland where he nearly he declined the offer.

Overall it was a fabulous day...the sun was shining, the food was great, the ship was accessible and the staff was fantastic.  Thanks for a great day and I would not hesitate in recommending it.

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