Saturday, 3 November 2012

Still nothing from Holland America

So....a lady from the good ship Eurodam (Anabel) had promised that a representative from Holland America would ring us on the 1st October to discuss our concerns. She was the one who , without any pressure from us, came up with this idea. These concerns being that, although they had a wheelchair accessible tender that they had on their website - you actually had to be able to walk to be able to access it.  In Greenland, although the weather was perfect and the sea like a millpond and we had been assured that as long as all these things were in play we would be able to go ashore, some weak prat of a safety office (who we never did meet) decided that it was too dangerous for Sully to go ashore.  However when I went over there the ramp was a good height (too big said the aforementioned safety officer) and the roads were bitumened (again the aforementioned safety officer said that they were all gravel). Please if you are going to come up with excuses, make them good ones and do not lie.  Sully is a paraplegic - not an idiot!!!!

So after two weeks went past after the 1st October, I contacted our travel agent - the wonderful Di from Flight Centre Booval.  She contacted an Andrew Loving who is the Australian employee of Holland America and said he would contact us.  Well he did ring, a few days later, and he assured me that someone from Holland America would contact us.  I laughed and laughed but he assured me that they would.

Well today is 4th November and still no contact.  I have even gone onto their website and sent an email myself but, of coarse, nothing - zip - nada - and any other word you can think of for no one rang as yet!!!!!

If nothing happens soon - I am going to start a campaign on Facebook.  All we want is to get across that paraplegics that are relatively fit are not to be lumped in with the old and infirm that the ships are full least have someone that can make the decision come and meet with Sully and make an informed decision.  We are not going away....we have already booked another cruise with the company - and I will not give up in my quest for Sully to be treated with respect.

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