Sunday, 21 October 2012

Going to the movies

We went to Gold Class at Mt Gravatt today.  Because it was so hot, we decided to book ahead to make sure that we got a seat.  Of coarse we can't book online (no wheelchair option - surprise/surprise) and after waiting a loooooooong time on the phone, we booked seats and then were told that there is a $6.50 booking fee because we chose to do it over the phone.  As we have no choice in this....does that make it prejudiced against wheelchair users.  I just spent 10 minutes trying to find where I could send this blog to so that it becomes an official complaint and (again surprise-surprise) I could not find anywhere to send a complaint.  They do however give you a number to ring...I think that will be one of my jobs tomorrow......

By the way, the service at Gold Class was fantastic and we saw 'Argo', the new Ben Affleck directed movie.  As with his last directorial outing - 'The Town'- it was fantastic.  It was also great to see buildings that we had just visited ourselves.

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