Tuesday, 18 February 2014

A trip to the theatre

Last Sunday, we went to the theatre at the Playhouse at Southbank, Brisbane.  We had changed our tickets from the previous weekend, as we were going to Sydney to see Tait.  While having lunch, Sully decided to check our tickets, and to our amazement, we found that they had swapped our end of row tickets for middle of the row tickets.  This happened even though I asked specifically for wheelchair accessible tickets (so they would not be surprised!!!!).  After much kowtowing from staff to rectify the situation.....we got seats we could actually access (and a free drink).  I rang to complain on the Monday and got a phone call the next day apologising.  Just as well it wasn't a full theatre, as our trip would have been for nothing.  Not sure what else you have to do when booking tickets.....one time Sully actually went into book tickets and we were given seats four from the aisle.  Maybe they thought we had just borrowed the wheelchair - and if that is the case, they can have it back.

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