Sunday, 13 April 2014

Hong Kong

On the 14th March we flew from Brisbane to Hong Kong.  We were catching a Holland America ship on the 17th March, so decided to have a couple of days in Hong Kong.  We were collected at the airport and had a pre -arranged car ride to our hotel.  This was the Novotel Nathan Road in Kowloon.  This turned out to be a fantastically located hotel.  It was a couple of blocks from the Night Markets, and easy walking distance to lots of attractions.  The room was very accessible, with everything that we require, and a restaurant that was not only cheap but supplied great meals.  Jack, who was at the information desk, turned out to be brilliant at his job, with nothing too hard to organize.  He did organize us a great trip - to Victoria Peak and then onto the floating restaurants.  However, after Sully collapsed at Victoria Peak (we think it was a combination of a few things), he was transported by ambulance to St Mary's hospital.  They could actually teach Queensland Health a thing or two, as within three hours he had an ECG, a chest Xray, various blood tests, talked to several doctors and had been admitted.  Admittedly, it was a squeezy ward, but worked for the night.  The next day, he was discharged as they couldn't anything too wrong and he spent most of the next days resting prior to us boarding the ship.  The area around us was fairly flat and the pavements were fairly easy to navigate - even with the crowds.  Except for the minor hiccup of a hospital visit, Hong Kong was as accessible as anywhere else we had been.

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