Wednesday, 15 August 2012

Amsterdam Here We Come

We are about to head off to our least favourite city - Amsterdam.  The last time that we were there, they were ignorant and rude.  They obviously did not like wheelchairs or people in them.  When we arrived it took an hour for the aisle chair to arrive - that was after the guy showed up and just wanted Sully to walk to the door and the lift we had organised assumed he could climb stairs.  Then the Hotel (at $330.00 a night) gave us a room with single bunk beds attached to the wall.

This time we are staying a hotel that we checked out last time.  We would have moved but the first place would not refund our money.

Anyway we are only there 2 days and my niece and her boyfriend have arranged their travels so that they can spend time with us.  I promise to be good and not complain too much.

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