Monday, 13 August 2012

Whales, Wheelchairs and Redcliffe

Over the last couple of years we have been whalewatching at Redcliffe. You need to book in advance as they need to look at the tides.  This is because wheelchairs can only access one of the entry points and this can only be used for certain tides.  Other than that, the downstairs of the boat is accesible.  They also have a disabled toilet, however Sully did not use it as it meant staff having to help.  The cruise went for 4 hours and there is a disabled toilet available at the start of the jetty.  I just have one tip for you.  The first time we went we were put in the middle of the ship.  I guess this was because it was slightly raised.  However when we reached the whales, everyone stood up and Sully had trouble seeing all the action.  The next time we went I requested that they reserve a seat beside the windows.  At first they would not agree to this as they kept saying that you could move around the boat for a better view.  Finally I discussed this with the Manager - and pointed out that he could not move around the boat, we were return customers bringing additional friends, and there was no point coming if he could not see the whatles - and they ended up agreeing to my request.  This made the whold experience evan more enjoyable than the first time.  I would throughly recommed it.

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