Wednesday, 29 August 2012

Flying to Amsterdam

The plane left Brisbane late but we were upgraded to Premium Economy for the flight to Singapore.  The only problem with that is that the next leg was in cattle class and it seemed even worse than usual.  We were crammed in for 13 and a half hours.  Then 6 hours at Heathrow before 45 minute flight to Amsterdam.  Qantas was OK but everything pales to Singapore Airlines.  The experience at Schippol Airport in Amsterdam was the exact opposite of our last visit.  The staff could not have been more helpful and we walked straight out of the airport into a taxi.....

One funny thing at Heathrow, I think the staff all thought we were there for the Paraolympics- we got lots of big smiles from both the staff and the volunteers- and they kept trying to direct us to the Registration tables,


  1. hahahahaha thats pretty funny about the paralympics, what sport did they think a 55 year old man was there for??