Tuesday, 25 September 2012

Last stop...Chicago

Caught the Amtrak train from Washington to Chicago....got a sleeper set up for the wheelchair.  The service was very good and the meals were all delivered to us as the wheelchair could not get to the dining room.  The one problem was that I had to sleep in the top bunk and that was interesting...getting up and down and not being as subtle as I should be, however Sully was the only one who hit the floor..thank god I didn't break anything.  Had trouble getting a taxi as they kept insisting that we couldn't fit with the wheelchair and all the luggage we are gathering.  Finally got one and we are at the Hyatt in Wacker Street..I kid you not, it is one of the main streets.
Chicago is lovely.  Lots of old skyscapers....no wonder they film so many movies here.  We bought a Hop On Hop Off Bus pass which goes for three days but only costs $35.00 each.  Yesterday we did the signature tour and the three neighbourhood tours that they provide.  We cannot get on all the buses but we can get on all the trolley buses...they lower a ramp at the back on request....and it has been a lovely way to get around.  Today we are planning a lunch cruise on the lake...guess we haven't done enough cruising on this holiday...but the main reason that we are here is because Sully wanted to see the Great Lakes. Also Sully plans a trip to the top of the John Hancock Building and I plan more shopping...I may find that one thing I have been missing all trip.....Shoes!!!!!!
Start the journey back tomorrow........

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