Sunday, 2 September 2012

Tulips and Wheelchairs in Amsterdam

What a difference three years make to moving around with a wheelchair in Amsterdam.  We caught up with Jess and Ben outside our hotel - the NH Baarbizon and went out to tea on the first night.  I wanted to go back to an Argentinian restaurant that I had liked the last time we were here - and we found it and enjoyed the steaks just as much this time.  The next morning Ben wanted to go to the Heineken Brewery.  This was not something we would have thought about and definately thought there  would be no chance with the wheelchair but we were completely wrong.  We were given a map and a key.  This key operated all the lifts through out the complex.  It was an interesting place to go and the staff could not have been friendlier or more helpful.  It cost 15 euros each and was worth every cent.

Sully then headed back to the hotel and Jess and Ben and I went to the Van Gogh Museum.It did have wheelchair acces but was incredibly busy, so Sully would not have enjoyed it.  I got to see all the paintings I wanted to see before the crowds annoyed me and I sat and watched the crowds till Jess and Ben had finished.  That night we went to a Chinese restaurant that Jess and Ben had found before we arrived.  The next day we went to a flea market that Sully had found on his travels.  We also stumbled on Rembrandt's House which none of us had seen in a travel guide.  Although Sully couldn't get in, it was a great way to see how they lived.

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