Saturday, 15 September 2012

A wheelchair in New York

We are in New York and I for one, never want to leave.  We were up at 5am yesterday so we could be on our verandah for the New York Harbour.  It was amazing, and even more amazing was realising that there was the Statue of Liberty.  After all those years of seeing her in pictures, the real thing did not disappoint.  The boat arrived at the docks around 7am.  Our disembarking time was around 10.30 and then the fun of being in New York began.

We were told that there would be plenty of taxis, and there were, but there were also plenty of people.  They had a numbering system and we got 10-sounds good- bu they were only up to 37 on the preious 100.  So after about 45 minutes we had a taxi pull up about 10 feet from the gutter - great if you are not in a wheelchair.  Finally someone from the port authority worked out that I was not letting that taxi go anywhere and they man handled Sully over the very high gutter and got him into the cab.  The taxi driver was not impressed that we were only going a few blocks...but you get that!!!!!

We are staying at the Hilton Times Square and we are on the 32nd floor.  We can see the Empire State Building from our window and once I worked out that a window was open, I could actually get rid of the traffic noise - we are in the city that never sleeps.  We went for a walk and Times Square ad Broadway are simply wonderful.  The blocks are quite small and very flat- but there are a lot of people around and wheeling along can be quite interesting.  I personally would just keep on rolling- but you know Sully, he keeps trying to go around people but I think he is slowly realising that this is New York and people will get out of your way.  There are plenty of police around both on the footpaths and on horseback and it really does look like a movie set.

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