Tuesday, 18 September 2012

New York and the Wheelchair

We stayed in the Hilton Times Square which is in the heart of the city in 42nd Street and just of 7th Avenue.  Fortunately the streets are flat but they are very crowded and Sully has seen more bellybuttons than he ever wants to see.  The first day we sailed in and then then fun began.  We went for a wander to Times Square - it is simply amazing to be there and to look up towards the sky scrapers and realise that you really are walking down man made canyons. We decided to eat and saw a sign for subway - however that was actually a subway sign so we went to a Pizza place - when in New York!!- the slices were about the size of one of our pizzas.  That was where Sully discovered his first flat tyre - he had two on that day!!!- and he changed it in the Pizza Shop.  After much walking we had hot dogs for tea - they are not big and we need two to fill the spot.

On the next day we had booked a greeter.  Bob was fantastic - he sat with us for the first 30minutes and he explained how the city worked, Avenues one way and streets across and Broadway right through from one end to the other.  Some people we had met on the boat happened along and he invited John and Jan to join us.  Bob was fantastic and we went places we never would have ventured.  We thought we only had him for a couple of hours but at 3pm we said goodbye only because we had to organize our hop on hop off bus tour.  We had lunch at Stardust on Times Square where potential singers on Broadway waitress and sing between serving the tables.  It was a fantastic experience!!!  And the greeters was a wonderful way of seeing the city through the eyes of a local.  I will post all the contact details at a later date.

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