Wednesday, 12 September 2012

Iceland - a wheelchair,a lagoon and no dog sled

The day we arrive in Reykjavik was beautiful - sun shining but a savage wind blowing.  I booked a whale watching tour in the morning but it was cancelled because of the conditions.  We had a private tour booked in the afternoon and we were picked up by Sigurgeir Fridriksson (call me Siggy) - and taken to the Viking Museum.  We were the only ones there (150 were arriving at 5) so it was the best time to be there.  They had a replica Viking ship suspended over the entry.  This had been built using original methods and sailed to New York to retrace a journey taken by Leif Eriksson centuries ago.  There was a lot of good information on the Vikings, which is something that is not studied in Australian schools, so we found it very interesting.

We then went to Blue Lagoon which is an open air Spa from natural thermal pools.  Much to Sully's dismay they had wheelchair access and we prepared for entry. They put him into a sling and lowered him in (there are some photos which I will publish later) and then he started to sink.  The attendants gave me a rubber ring for him first and when that was not too successful, they gave me a pool noodle.  I still feel the hysteria rising up when ever I think of this, so basically the picture was Sully floundering and me laughing hyserically andthe pool attendants looking very alarmed.  Sully survived for another 10 minutes before getting out and I had a lovely time covered in mud and definately taking 20 years off my face - would I make that up?

The next day was the day of the dog sled ride and unfortunately the day was atrocious.  Once again Siggy collected us and we drove for about 90 minutes - still in the pouring rain-and it was decided between us and the dogsledder that we would get drenched and we did not want to get sick for the rest of our trip.  We did see the dogs and the sleds, but we were not going on the Glacier but on the road.  That helped us decide as I definately wanted to go on the ice.  Siggy took us for a bit of a drive around and the rain lasted for the rest of the day- it would not have been liked if the sun shone any time on that day.  However Iceland was different to anything we had seen before and most enjoyable.

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