Wednesday, 12 September 2012

A wheelchair in Norway

The first stop on our Cruise was Stavanger.  It was picture postcard perfect and the start of the cold weather.  We got off the ship and checked out the Harbour Front.  The church there was built in the 12th Century, however the marketing was pure 21st Century and it cost 20 kroner to go through.  I refuse to pay to visit a church and we took a walk around the outside, before finding a lovely lake to sit besides - off coarse Sully had to roll around the entire lake but I just sat and enjoyed the view.  We then went and had lunch at a seaside restaurant - some restaurants advertised whalemeat!!!! - and it was nice sitting in the sun.  After that we went to visit the old town, but it was very hilly so Sully sat down the bottom and I took photos.  There wasn't much more to do and we were back on the ship nice and early.  Stavanger was our introduction to the very expensive Norway - when you converted the kroner you thought twice about the purchase.

We then sailed to Flam, which was further north than Stavanger but only took overnight to get to.  Once more it was picture perfect.  Apart from lots of tourist shops, they had a world renowned railway.  We went there first to see if they could take the wheelchair and we were able to purchase tickets and get on board.  All the trips in the morning were sold out so we went in the afternoon.  The ramp that they used was also used for bikes - a heap of bikes are taken to the top and then people hire them to ride downhill.  The scenery was remarkable - a lot like the Rocky Mountaineer last year- and there was a waterfall half way up that they stoppped so we could get photos.  Sully couldn't get out of the train so the Guard got them to drive slowly past it so that he had time to check it out.  We did the return journey on the same train.  The people who got off at the top said there was very little up there - considering that up to 7000 ride the train daily in the summer, I found that amazing.  We did some shopping on the way back to the ship - I bought a jumper for 895 kroner, some jumpers I was looking at were 2995 kroner (from $100 to $400).  Again we were back on the ship in plenty of time.

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