Saturday, 15 September 2012

Holland America and a wheelchair

The ships are set up brilliantly for a wheelchair.  The one place they fail miserably is in regard to tendering.  On their website they state that they have a wheelchair tender.  They are very proud of that when you enquire about that at the front office.  Then they say "Mr O'Sullivan can walk" and it all comes crashing down!!!

After telling us that a decision would be made on the day, that it would depend on weather, we were thrilled to see the sun shining and the seas were lovely and flat.  Off we go to our meeting point only to be told that a Safety Officer ( who we still haven't met to this day - spineless pratt) had decided it wasn't safe on the shore side.  There is a lift to the tender deck and a lift in the tender boat and we were quite happy to be on our own from there but we were told the ramp was steep and the roads were gravel.  They would not let Sully on the tender - they would not let him leave the ship.  We tried pointing out that Sully was not one of the old and infirm but no go.

I went to Greenland to be confronted with a very manageable ramp for Sully and the roads were bitumned.  Consequently the office and several managers had encounters with me after I got back - and someone named Annabel offered us a shore excursion for our disappointment in Halfiax.  She did go a little pale when I pointed out that they would not take us on shore excursions because Sully could not climb steps.  They ended up putting $140 towards our bill as the cost of a shore excursion.


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