Saturday, 15 September 2012

More wheelchair in New York

We went to Grand Central Station and it is magnificent.  The roof is beautiful and it is all really surreal to be in places that you have seen so many times in movies.  We also went to Rockerfella Plaza and had to go twice to work out where to shop.  We tried to go to the place for cheap tickets to Broadway shows but couldn't get anything for the wheelchair.  We will try again tonight and instead of asking for a specific show, we will just ask what wheelchair seat they have.

We had pizza for lunch - how New York - and it was a huge slice from a huge pizza and we only needed one each.  Sully discovered his first puncture in the whole trip and was able to change it sitting in the pizza store.  We had hot dogs for tea - I always wanted to do that in New York and they were disappointing.  About the size of your hand - we needed two of them- but you had to do it once.  I intend having a pretzel today - they seem to be the size of your arm, we may share one of those.  The shops are open late and I will be shopping a lot over the next few days.  One of a purchases will be a new port - even the guy in the wheelchair may be getting a makeover while we are here - wish me luck with that one!!!!!!

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