Saturday, 22 September 2012

Night Tour of Washington

Joined Sully back at Union Station-it is so huge they also have a three story shopping mall- and we got on the Night Tour of the Hop On Hop Off Buses.  We went to all the usual monuments - they do love their monuments- and we got off at the Franklin Rosevelt Memorial and next to that is the new Martin Luther King Memorial.  Both are impressive but by far the most impressive is the Abraham Lincoln Memorial which we went to next and Sully got to see it also.  That day he had gone to the WW2 Memorial and they also have onefor Korea and Vietnam.  The tour gave you a diferent perspecitve of the Buildings and Monuments and it was also the only time we saw the monument to Iwo Jima - where the men are raising the flag- and that was also impressive.

Just something funny that one of the guides said during one of our tours - "Here comes Washington's Madame Toussards - they have them also in New York and some other places in the States and I believe they even may have one in London", yes, maybe they do and maybe it just might be the original one!!!!!!!!!!!!  If nothing else, Yanks really do believe they are the kings of the world!!

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