Tuesday, 18 September 2012

New York I am in Love

I love New York but Sully got over the crowds.  Yes it was crowded but to me that was part of the charm.  I was still out at 10pm shopping on my own and feeling safe.  Unfortunately we could not get into any Broadway Shows with the wheelchair but we walked past a lot of theatres.  Our greeter took us to Central Park but we just went in the Southern End as there were other things to do.  We had tickets to the World Trade Centre Memorial on the Sunday.  This is very sobering and New Yorker we spoke to had been affected by this day.  The Memorial is very well done and it was sobering to see names and even recoginize some names from all the media.  It must have been truly horendous on that day - and obviously some even suffer to this day.

After that we caught the ferry to the Statue of Liberty and Ellis Island as Battery Park Park was only a few streets away.  We also walked past the Bull Statue of Wall Street on our way to the Ferry.  I can not emphasise enough how great the Statue of Liberty is in real life.  We had sailed past her when we first arrived, and the first look was breathtaking!!!  Every glimpse after was the same.  We had decided not to get off at the island as we were heading to Ellis Island and we wanted to spend as much time there are possible.  Ellis Island is where immigrants came on their way in to America for assessment and entry to the country.  The place is a living and breathing museum and has been restored brilliantly.  Unfortunately we were there for four hours and could have spent a lot longer but the final ferries of the day were leaving.  That is one place I want to go back to....have I mentioned that I love New York!!!!!!!!

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