Wednesday, 19 September 2012

Washington and the Wheelchair

After a continental breakfast on Floor 10 of the Capital Hilton, we headed out to check out the Hop On Hop Off Buses.  There was some trepidation as not all the buses in New York were accessible even though the phone call Sully had made from Australia assured us they were.  Anyway after a slight hiccup (waiting at the wrong spot) a bus arrived and it was accessible and we were assured that all the buses were the same.  We did the Yellow Route which included George Town and all the monuments you could think of....lots of buildings had the name George Washington in them and any other presidents name that you could think of.  The Lincoln Memorial looked impressive and the Ford theatre was quite small.  There were a lot of Hotel Stops and there were a lot of stories telling us why they were famous.  Union Station is where most of the lines cross over and we stopped there for lunch.  They even have shopping there and tomorrow night we have booked a night tour from there and I just may have to shop first.  We took the Blue Line tour into Virginia which included Arlington Cemetery (lots of hills we were told so we checked it out from the bus) and the Pentagon (no photos allowed but they let you drive by) and a huge Shopping Mall near by that they even have a stop for.

We got off at the Willard Hotel and went a few blocks back to the Hotel.  Once again we are having Happy Hour in the bar as we cannot be bothered moving again.  More bus trips tomorrow although we may split up and cover things we like ( I do not want to go to the Aerospace Museum at the Smithsonian - I want to see Fonzies jacket at the American History Museum of the Smithsonian).

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