Wednesday, 12 September 2012

HAL would not let the wheelchair off in Greenland

A Safety Officer who did not even meet Sully decided that it would be too dangerous for him to get off on the dock in Nanotulik, Greenland.  After much nashing of the teeth I decided to go off on my own and the verdict is he could hwwave easily got off and got off the dock - a complaint has been put in but still we haven't met the Safety Officer (spineless twat).  Come on Holland America, lift your game, not all people in wheelchairs are old and infirmed - and our money is just as good as anyones.

Anyway there was not much to see as it was a very small fising villiage.  Most of the men were involved in cutting up a whale they had caught that morning.  Strangely I found it interesting as I realised that is the way they live and they use all the whale unlike poachers in Africa that just use the tusks or the horns.  Other than that it took an hour to get through the gift shop and about 5 minutes to walk from one end to the other.

It still would have been nice to share it with Sully

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