Tuesday, 18 September 2012

Amtrak and the Wheelchair

Today we caught the train from Penn Station in New York to Washington.  Apart from the taxi driver dropping us one lane over from the gutter (and not cracking a smile once) everything else went smoothly.  The Service from Amtrak was simply brilliant.  Paul (a redcap porter) showed us to our seats in the waiting room and then came and collected us 20 minutes prior to dearture and got us onto the train.  Sully stayed in his chair and I sat across from him.  We had a table between us and the cafe was just behind us.  There were wheelchair accessible toilets but Sully did not need them.
In Washington we were greeted by Reid (another brilliant Red Cap) and we were directed to the Taxi rank.  Once there Reid turned up with our luggage and arranged a taxi.  The taxi driver was brilliant compared to his New York counterparts and was actually friendly.  I am blogging from the bar of the Hilton Capital where we are staying.  After being given a room with a bath, we are now in a room with a roll in shower which is besides the President's Room and we are now entitled to Breakfast in the Executive Dining Room.  Go figure - you book six months ahead and they still look amazed when you show up with a wheelchair!!

We arrived in time for a storm and have decided to stay in for the night.  The weather is supposed to be better tomorrow...bring on Washington!!!!

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