Tuesday, 18 September 2012

New York on the last full day

We got onto the Hop on Hop off Bus intending to head to the Brooklyn Bus but we got caught in the Occupy Wall Street Protest and it took ages to get to Battery Park..some of them should just get a job.....so I left Sully to the Brooklyn Loop and I headed back to Macy's which had been a plan of mine from the first day.
The night before, for Sully's birthday - he likes to keep that day quiet - we had gone to tea on the 48th floor of the Marriott hotel on 44th Street as it had a revolving Restaurant and we were there for at least one revolution so we decided that the view from the Empire State Building could not have been worth the two hour line up.  This restaurant had been recommended by our Greeter Bob and it was a great recommendation.
Macy's was huge and daunting.  I finally found something I really wanted to buy and started heading back to the hotel.  I found something to wear to Jessica's wedding just around the corner from the hotel ($375 reduced to $75) and now I am happy.  The shoe floors at Macey's were daunting and I found nothing worth taking off my hiking boots for....the place would have been wheelchair accesible but I did not let Sully loose as he would have just winged about the prices - although they were amazingly cheap- and I wanted some time to
I have bought Sully a tee shirt that says ' I survived a New York taxi ride" and that sums up any taxi rides we had in New York.  None of the drivers showed an ounce of happiness - hey you are not cleaning toilets-  at least they are working!!!!

But apart from that - I LOVE NEW YORK!!!!!!!!

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