Sunday, 2 September 2012

Holland America Ship and the Wheelchair

We are currently sailing on the Eurodam which is one of Holland America's newest ships.  It  can carry over 2000 passengers and it is full for this cruise which makes getting around interesting.  We have a verandah suite which is lovely although it is mainly too cold to go out that door.  Let me say at this point - the Volendam was nicer.  This has the library next to the Crows Nest and the set up does not flow as nicely.  We are finding the service just as good.  However I went to find where to go to acces the tender and was told unless Mr O'Sullivan could walk, he would not be able to get off the ship.  After several trips to the front desk and pointing out several times that the website clearly states that wheelchair users can access tenders, it has been decided that Sully can now get off in Greenland.  Apparently you should also be able to walk if you are in a wheelchair.  I think that when they rang to Sully to say they had worked out a way to get him off the ship they may have also said please just keep your wife away from the front office and we will do what ever it takes. I will be interested to check out there website when we get home - and maybe put a few things in writing.......

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